Ben Stiller in Dodgeball saying "Let me hit you with some knowledge."
That's how these GIFs are supposed to look!

Every business needs someone who writes copy. Whether you hire someone or do it yourself is another question.

Hiring a copywriter is expensive. You have to pay them with money (duh), but also with your time when you prepare a briefing or jump on a call. And sometimes they still don't get it to paper quite the way you'd like them to.

Writing the copy yourself isn't going to be a piece of cake either. It's a lot of time and effort, and sometimes not even you will find the right words.

You might be a great salesman, but that doesn't make you a great copywriter. And no, a $20 eBook isn't the right solution.

If you want to write the copy yourself, you need someone to teach you how you do it. It's a one-time investment that pays for a lifetime.