Don Draper from Mad Men winking at you slightly seductively.
Can someone tell my why Don is so stretched?

I'm a copywriter. That means I write words to sell things. I always try to sound human, though, unlike the sleazy salesman from your local car dealership. Right now you're reading some of that sales copy (I'm trying to sell you my service). Do I have your attention?

Great! Now that you're with me, I could start the chest pumping. I could go on and on about how great my copy is and how I can sell whatever you want with my words. Sounds interesting? Well, maybe. But you don’t care how great I am, you care about what I can do FOR YOU, right?

Now here’s the part where I make you want to hire me. Imagine you tell me what you want to say and I come up with the perfect words. Suddenly, people visit your website, engage with your emails, comment on your posts, and become your customers. Then imagine your customers loving you so much that they can’t help but tell other people about how awesome you are. Now that's something everyone desires.

At last, you’ve made it to the famous call to action! That’s it. I’m out.