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I write copy

Who are you?

My name is Pat. I use pretty words to grow your brand.

I’m two parts Hemingway, one part Ogilvy, with a dash of Belfort.

But before I start the chest pumping, let’s get acquainted properly. I’ll keep it short.

I’m the writer, marketer, and strategist running this one-man show called Copyneat. I’m a simple guy, welcome to my simple website.

Now, tell me who you are.

You must have some questions?

Yeah, is your copy any good?

Smart first question. I started as a professional writer when I was 18 years old (let’s not count the short stories I wrote for my momma’s birthdays). Since then I have written blog posts, newsletters, ad texts, scripts, slogans, and any other form of content you can think of. My writing generated countless leads, sales, and dollars for my clients. So I guess you could say I’m at least half decent.

What makes you special, Pat?

Glad you ask. I’m not just a writer and an ad-man, but also a salesman.

At 16 years old, I started to work as a client advisor for Switzerland’s biggest bank, UBS. For five years (yup, I wrote copy on the side) I closed mortgages, investments, and other financial products. Boy, do those guys teach you to sell…

Also, I’m no stranger to SEO. I make sure everything I write follows the most recent SEO guidelines to get you on the famous first page of Google.

Can you help my business?

Ahh, this is where it gets interesting. I don’t just write pretty texts. I research what and how people search before I start writing. Then I write the best damn article, ad, or script on the topic. That’s how you get the eyeballs you deserve on your business. If you want to take it up a notch, we can talk about a full-blown content strategy. Together we’ll rock it like Plant and Page.

Great, but do you know my industry?

Maybe not. But luckily, I’m a research buff. I was always a curious kid, loved learning, and was easy to excite. I’ll invest the time needed in research and I’ll work on your project with a passion as if it was my own. Like that one time, I’ve done research in five languages all over the world. I’ve written for ladies’ fashion stores, construction companies, finance institutes, digital agencies, educational platforms, and many more. Whatever industry you’re in, I’ll be in it too.

Awesome! Let’s talk!

Here's what I'm good at:


You need someone to put into words what you’re selling. Whether it’s email, website copy, or social media ads, I’ve got you.

Content writing.

You want to put out valuable content to solve your readers’ problems. I will write your blog articles, social media posts, video scripts, and anything else you want me to.


You don’t want to hire a copywriter. You’d rather learn to write it yourself. You’ve come to the right place! I can teach you.

Write me?

Hopefully, you didn't expect a contact form? Shoot me an email directly at


Copyneat logo: A fountain pen dunked in a glass with whisky

Two parts Hemingway, one part Ogilvy, with a Dash of Belfort.

P.S. I live in Switzerland, in the middle of Europe. So if I'm not replying very fast, I'm probably asleep.