Steamy Facebook ads that make people click.

Steamy Facebook ads that make people click.

Once upon a time, I wrote some Facebook ads for Joyful Couple, a super sexy adult card game company.

It makes me sad to say this but the modern relationship model is fucked. We expect our partner to be Hollywood in the streets and Brazzers in the sheets, but we are afraid to talk about it with them. And due to an ever more demanding career world, nobody has enough time for their live-in lovers. Joyful Couple is here to change that. So, they hired me to write some steamy Facebook ads that make people click.

What Joyful Couple needed.

Joyful Couple sells conversation, romance, and sex in a box. There’s something to be found for everyone. Some games will crank up the heat in your bedroom, and others will make you fall in love with your partner all over again.

Joyful Couple Naughty Game example cards.
Joyful Couple Romantic Game example cards.

Joyful Couple needed ad copy for Facebook that would be hot enough to make people click but not too hot for Facebook’s prudish advertising guidelines.

What I did.

Those who worked with me know, I like to do my research hands-on instead of just googling everything. And no, I’m not talking about trying the product. I’m talking about inviting potential customers for a drink and asking what would make them click my ads.

So, I sat down with some friends who laid down their rose-colored glasses a while ago. I asked what their relationship was missing. Most said the sparks have died, and things have gone stale.

As sad as that was to hear, it was good writing fuel.

The results.

People buy to move towards pleasure or away from pain. I played both angles:

Pleasure with FAB—Feature, advantage, benefit.

I talk about the features “50 romantic activities for couples.” Then I give an advantage “A breath of fresh air for your dates.” Lastly, I give them a personal benefit “enjoy the sparkling in your partner’s eyes.”

Pain with PAS—Pain, agitate, solution.

With this framework, I start by highlighting a pain: “Do you miss the spark in your relationship?” Then I agitate with: “Keep ignoring that feeling,” before giving them the potential solution: “or heat up your relationship with our naughty card game.”

Joyful Couple says:

“Takes the time to understand the needs of the client and delivers very fast. Pricing is not the cheapest, but you pay for what you get :)”

That’s it. I’m out.