A hair care brand's package inserts leave customers wanting more.

A hair care brand's package inserts leave customers wanting more.

Once upon a time, I wrote some kick-ass package inserts for a Cel, a stunning skin and hair care brand. Cel is all about using the newest science to optimize the ingredients and give their customers the best hair growth product they ever had. To get customers to join a subscription, Cel hired me to write package inserts that leave their customers wanting more.

What Cel needed.

Cel has a unique hair growth system. To combat hair loss and promote new hair growth, you subscribe to a six months cycle. To begin, you get the Microstem Stimulation Formula, a serum to prime your scalp for hair growth. Over the next months, you work with different shampoos and conditioners, and the results are stunning.

Hot stuff! But many customers didn’t order more than once. Then they got no results and were upset. Cel needed a way to draw attention to the six months cycle.

The guys and gals from Cel had the brilliant idea to put some pretty inserts into each package shipping the Microstem Stimulation Formula.

The insert had to tell the customer all about the benefits of the hair growth system, using as few words as possible.

What I did.

I didn’t know shit about hair care. I use the same body wash since I’m twelve years old, and I use it for my feet, my ass, my whole body, and my hair. I needed to do a lot of research.

First, I did what every great researcher does. I googled. I read articles, blog posts, and magazines. I watched YouTube videos and read through websites of hair specialists.

When I felt like I got the basics down, I invited some girl friends for coffee. I asked them all about their hair. What products do they use? Did they try some growth formulas before? What is important for them when it comes to their hair?

They enjoyed that. No man had ever taken so much interest in their hair. I enjoyed it too because now I knew what I was writing about.

To make the insert look pretty, Cel hired a designer as well. I collaborated with the designer directly—cool guy!—and always delivered the finished inserts. That made it easier for Cel to decide if they liked it. And it seems they did because they asked me spontaneously to write the German Amazon copy.

The results.

In the end, I’ve written and coordinated the design process for fourteen different inserts. They came out looking real good!

Cel says:

“Great stuff!”

That’s it. I’m out.