A blog that keeps on giving.

About that time I blogged for the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area. They wanted a blog that showcased their expertise and hired me as their strategist and writer.

A blog that keeps on giving.

Once upon a time, I built a blog from scratch for the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area (SIP), the place for life sciences businesses to shape the future.

The SIP focuses on four key disciplines in life sciences: biotech, med tech, digital health, and industrial transformation. With its well-equipped coworking spaces and lab spaces, lucrative accelerator and incubator programs, and strong ecosystem (think Novartis and Roche), it’s the ideal place for startups and established companies to dive into the thriving life sciences scene in the Basel Area.

“Switzerland Innovation is a privately funded foundation with joint support from the federal and cantonal governments, universities, and research institutes.

The initiative creates a platform for companies to team up with higher education institutions in order to nurture innovations and bring them to life whilst strengthening Switzerland as one of the most innovative countries in the world.”
—Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area

Proving yourself as an expert and thought leader while attracting the right eyeballs to your website is a big challenge, and content marketing is the perfect way to overcome this challenge. So, the Switzerland Innovation Park Basel Area hired me to write blog articles that attract (and wow) the right visitors.

What the SIP needed.

The Basel Area is unique for its business opportunities for life sciences companies. It’s the best accessible location in Switzerland, bordering Germany and France, with a tri-national airport. Frequent flights, high-speed trains, and motorway connections to all major European destinations. It’s also where giants like Roche and Novartis have found their home, creating a supportive ecosystem with many potential research and collaboration partners.

To promote the Basel Area, the SIP wanted to create a blog that ranks for relevant keywords.

What I did.

I came on board as a researcher, strategist, and writer. The SIP hired me after taking part in my workshop on SEO and copywriting a few months prior.

We talked about who we want to reach, when we want to reach them, and with what content. Reaching the right people with the right content at the right time is the fundamentals of a successful content marketing strategy.

screenshot from Notion.io title "content calendar"

I came up with a content plan and pitched a few article ideas. The SIP came up with more, and in a few days, we had a neat plan mapped out.

Each week I delivered one article by Wednesday that the SIP would review for me to post by Friday. We worked fast and efficiently together to publish a steady flow of articles.

The results.

We have published 12 articles with 1,000 to 5,000 words in length on various topics. You should go have a read.

screenshot of SIP blog with six of my articles.

For each article, we have defined a main keyword and some secondary keywords. Many of our articles won a spot among Google’s top 3 search results. Most articles are on Google’s first page.

screenshot of SEMrush keyword rankings

We started from scratch with no blog. At the end of the project, in April 2021, we had 141 monthly readers, with 103 of them coming from Google.

But a blog is a gift that keeps on giving.

By the end of June 2021, and we had 799 monthly visitors, with 238 of them coming from Google!

September update: No new articles published but 351 organic visitors. We're still climbing the ranks.

November update: No new articles published but 538 organic visitors.

The SIP says:

“I would recommend Pat to everyone asking for a writer. He was super helpful, easy to work with, and thinks about the what, how, and why.”

That’s it. I’m out.