Besting Mount Google with new website copy.

About that time I rewrote the website copy for Lignum, a high-end woodworking company in Miami. They wanted to be number one on Google and hired me to get there.

Besting Mount Google with new website copy.

Once upon a time, I rewrote the website of Lignum, Miami’s most sophisticated woodworking company.

Lignum is home to some incredible artisans in wood, metal, and glass. They craft masterpieces from start to finish in their Miami-based headquarters. While Lignum’s work left people wide-eyed and breathless, getting discovered on the internet was a different story. You can’t let your work speak for itself if nobody finds it. So, Lignum hired me to get in front of the right people on Google.

What Lignum needed.

When you’re creating art from wood, stone, metal, and glass, you deserve attention. Having worked for giants like Hilton, legends like The Fillmore, and wealthy private clients, Lignum is no lightweight.

I mean, can you imagine living here?

Beautiful house that Lignum worked on.

Lignum was already on Google’s first page for its name, but other keywords were out of reach. Not just because there was no on-page optimization but also because they didn’t know what to rank for.

Lignum needed to find out what potential customers were typing into the search bar and be Google’s first suggestions for it.

What I did.

After dozens of projects writing website copy, I streamlined my research process. In my “tk Method,” I combine online research with face-to-face or phone interviews.

Just doing online research leaves me with a list of keywords, and that’s great. For most people, it’s enough. But when I combine it with interviews, I can learn about the search intent—the end goal of the search. That end goal is what matters most but is overlooked so often.

I presented the keywords I wanted to target, Lignum signed them off, and I wrote the website copy that helped them overtake their top 5 competitors.

The results.

Lignum has climbed the ranks on Google and is now occupying the top spot for its most important keywords.

screenshot of semrush ranking for selected keywords

For more keywords like “custom millwork” and “custom carpentry miami,” Lignum is rocking the local search pack.

screenshot of google ranking of my client

Last I heard from them, they said the phone doesn’t stop ringing.

Lignum says:

“You are the most expensive I’ve ever paid, but I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else.”

That’s it. I’m out.