Hi Joris.

Welcome to my website. Or more specifically, your page on my website. You'll find all information that's relevant for you here. I'll start off by some feats to show you I'm not all bark no bite.

Once upon a time, I wrote...

...all emails for a women's fashion brand.

A guy who had just bought a dropshipping store needed someone to revamp his whole email marketing. New software, new strategy, new tone of voice. All packed in forty emails, spread over around a dozen flows in Klaviyo, including flows for abandoned carts, upcoming birthdays, and post-purchase upsell.

Long story short, I got some killer open rates,

some real nice click rates,

and better campaign results than ever before. The store's average open rate was 7% when he bought it. We got:

Okay okay, but what's the industry standard? Glad you're asking. Klaviyo, the software I used for this project, gives us the benchmarks:

  • Automated flows: Fashion & Apparel: 26.00% (open rate) | 4.90% (click rate)
  • Campaign emails: Fashion & Apparel: 11.40% (open rate) | 1.30% (click rate)

Here's what the store's owner said about me:

"Great freelancer. Pat immediately settled right in with my existing team. His copy is engaging, his process methodical and his output high-quality. He is very responsive, collaborative and brings great ideas to the table. He is also adaptable and willing to learn new things (Klaviyo, for example, was new to him, but he has taken to it like a duck to water). Finally, he takes initiative, is patient when there are other priorities dragging me away, is very accommodating of changes in the business and, finally, is an all round lovely bloke. I'd have no trouble hiring him again for future copywriting needs."

And he did hire me again. And then again. And now he refers to me as his "go-to copy guy," which always puts a smile on my face.

...ad copy that made people click (and blush).

A kinky company named Joyful Couples hired me to translate their Facebook ads from English to German.

But instead of just translating, I suggested some new ads as well, explaining the psychology of selling.

They liked my approach and hired me again for another badge.

You can read the full case study here.

...some more social media ads that killed it.

I've been hired on a per-project basis by a one-man-FB-marketing-powerhouse. They send me over regular ad copy briefings from various clients and then let me go wild with it. Here's an example:

Every word has its place, and I like to take my time to explain it. Here, instead of just writing one ad, I took a modular approach. With it, they could target each audience individually (i.e. entrepreneurs, social media marketers, business owners, etc.)

Here's what they said about me:

"Pat was a true pro from end to end on this project. He clearly communicated the files that would help him complete this job and delivered high quality copy in the time frame he gave me. What more can you ask for? I highly recommend Pat A++!"

To my delight, they keep re-hiring me.

...website copy that a high-end woodworking company's phone ringing non-stop.

My first client, Lignum, hand-crafts amazing pieces for giants like Ritz-Carlton, Marriott, and Rolex.

First, they hired me to create social media posts. After around 100 posts, they asked me to re-write their website copy to rank higher on Google.

So, we defined the competitors they wanted to outrank and the keywords they wanted to outrank them for.

We managed to overtake our competition and land first place on the hottest keywords in town:

...and more.

I've also written blog posts, other social media ads, video scripts, newspaper articles, and a lot more.

Additionally, I consult in branding, storytelling, tone of voice, and copywriting. I create brand guides, give workshops, and craft content strategies.

I'm happy to tell you all about it.

Me, myself, and I.

I started writing copy when I was 16 years old. I worked full time as a banker—learning to sell like mad—and built some side-hustles. Because all my projects needed websites, I learned to code, design (a little), and write the copy for them.

That was eight years ago. Nowadays, I work as a freelancer with various companies, agencies, and private people.

Having drafted this page for you means that I'd like to work with you too.

If you're curious to find out more about me, check out my homepage (copyneat.com), or click the little chat bubble in the bottom right corner.


I'm very flexible when it comes to pricing structure. Here are my general guidelines:

  • Hourly: I write copy (like ads or website) for $120 per hour. I write content (like blog posts or articles) for $90 per hour.
  • Per word: Copy is $0.30–$1 per word, depending on the difficulty and time investment. Content is $0.20–0.50 per word. There are some projects I can't price that way, like creating slogans or writing short FB ads.
  • Per project: You can always ask me to give an estimate project price. This might be useful for sales funnels or landing pages.
  • Retainer: I like working on a retainer because it gives me security. If you decide to hire me on a retainer, you pay me for a fixed amount of hours at the beginning of each month. For that, I offer a 30% discount.
    –> If you hire me for 10h, it would cost $1'200. If you pay me a 10h retainer, it costs you $800.
  • Splitting profits: I do this very rarely. When I am certain a company and its products sell well, we can talk about splitting profits or paying me by the lead.

My offer for you.

I will:

  • write 9x LinkedIn copy promoting your video series.
  • write 9x nurture email (around 120 words each) for the LinkedIn video series.
  • edit your existing website copy.

In all those deliverables I'll assist with strategic decisions like when to call viewers to what cation or what we can nurture our leads with.

Deadline: 09.11.2020—15.11.2020.

A range for a deadline?

Optimally, I finish a task while you're asleep, so you can give me feedback while I'm asleep. If we can keep this loop up, we'll be as efficient as a Swiss watch and make it by Monday in a week. I commit to this deadline and block the necessary time in my calendar. But sometimes there are more pressing issues on a client's side, and the feedback gets delayed. If that happens, it pushes the deadline back.

I've seen that you are 100% committed to this, so I don't think we'll face any problems with delayed feedback. I just want to talk about this because missed deadlines often lead to disappointment, no matter who's at fault.

Normally, I'd price this whole package based on the guidelines above at $830 but...

... I've got a special offer for you.

That one tip with the tone of voice guide was brilliant, so this one's on the house entirely.

– $240 = $590

If you're impressed with my writing, I could become your "go-to" copy guy. Until then, we can look at this as a trial project, where you get 50% off.

– 50% = $295

This puts the final price at $295.

If you dig my style and find this a fair offer, I'm looking forward to rocking this with you!